Medic to the Frontlines!

So, this isn’t what I normally post but I couldn’t resist. I tried to see if this had already been posted to tumblr but I couldn’t find a post for it anywhere so if it has, it’s been pretty buried. Anyway, came across this when I was looking for ninja hoodies. According to the website:

"Better than just bullet-proof, this body-molded Kevlar and breathable neoprene ‘Urban Security Suit’ packs one helluva an aesthetic punch – on top of stopping anything short of an atomic bomb.Simple whites, grays, browns, dull greens and blues let the accents speak for themselves in this unusual top by Dutch conceptual clothing designer Tim Smit: a bulky side pocket that lets you pack a pistol that is easy to grab on the go (and be intentionally obvious about it at the same time) as well as a handy pullover hood complete with an integrated chemical weapon-resistant gas mask."

It’s apparently not a sellable item yet but they claim that its “in production.” Which means its most likely going to cost insane amounts of money if it ever does come out. But I’d still totally want one just based purely on how awesome it is.

Source: Dornob

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